Welcome to Uncommon Temperament
Uncommon Temperament

UNCOMMON TEMPERAMENT is a bold new baroque collective based in Manhattan. The pillars of the organization are flagrantly daring programming, an historically accurate, yet wild and organic approach to Baroque performance practice, and even rotation through the spotlight for all members. The group, comprised of very young and promising soloists who have essentially handpicked each other as collaborators, may be convoked in any number of permutations, from lone cellist to chamber orchestra and all number of singers. We are dedicated to good fun, good music, and the sublime. UT successfully kicked off 2009 at NYC's (le) Poisson Rouge, with an "accomplished and winning" performance, according to the New York Times, and the intervening seasons have included, among other things, a three tours, a traveling staged production of Bach's Coffee Cantata, a killer birthday party for Telemann, and a quirky program of Czech Baroque music.

Check back soon for a more detailed calendar, some sound bytes, and a full listing of repertoire. The site is slowly getting off the ground!

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